Saturday, April 15, 2017

MCF Chess Rating: APRIL 2017 Official Release

In April 2017 release, there are 31,753 chess players. This represent an increase of 9.7% from 28,941 chess players in January 2017. Of which there is close to 29,900 Malaysians in our chess rating database. A unique MCF Chess Rating ID contains 9-Alphanumeric ID was introduced in the October 2013 edition. Please refer here for more info.

Please remember your MCF Chess Rating ID to facilitate registration process of National-rated Events and INSIST on the Event Organisers to key-in your MCF Chess Rating ID into IDNo column of the Swiss Manager file to avoid any rating discrepancies.

Click here to download the complete list of MCF Chess Rating List (APR 2017).

Click here to download the MCF Chess Rating List of 21,433 Malaysian Male Players that represents an additional 1,735 players (+8.8%) if compared with 3 months ago.

Click here to download the MCF Chess Rating List of 8,460 Malaysian Female Players. An additional of 1,044 players (+14.1%) if compared with 3 months ago.

For update on specific player's rating changes in the last 3 months, click here.

Friday, April 14, 2017

MCF Chess Rating: April 2017 [Pre-release]

This is the pre-release document containing a copy of the rating changes for 5,544 unique players in Q1 2017 can be downloaded from here. This is an all-time high with 7,671 entries since MCF National Ratings List inception since 2004. It was done up after spending more than 600-odd hours in rating calculations, tabulations and compilations. 

I've shrink the page into 1 unique name per entry page, so you need to download the PDF and open with PDF viewer and magnify the names and ratings inside the document. The new rating of each player is listed from Pg 68 to Pg 134.

While, a copy of the Top 20 Most improved chess players in Q1 2017 can be downloaded from here too.

The events (Between start date 1st Jan and end date 31st March) that were included in this April 2017:
1.            Perlis Open Age Group Edisi Khas
2.            Sg. Petani Age Group     
3.            GACC Age Group             
4.            GACC Team Open           
5.            GACC Open (FIDE)          
6.            KLK GP – Sg Siput            
7.            KLK GP – Kerian
8.            Semenyih Rapid Challenge 1       
9.            Kelantan Closed
10.          Classical Chess (FIDE)    
11.          KINMA Open    
12.          FCP       
13.          Semenyih Rapid Challenge 2       
14.          MSSD Pekan      
15.          MSSD Lipis          
16.          Sabah Rapid Open (FIDE Rapid?)
17.          McDonald's Alor Setar Open      
18.          KUSESS Individual           
19.          KUSESS Team    
20.          National Youth (FIDE)
21.          National Juniors (FIDE)  
22.          Sandakan Juniors             
23.          Semenyih Rapid Challenge 3       
24.          Malaysian Chess Men (FIDE)      
25.          Malaysian Chess Women (FIDE)
26.          Cheras Easter Rating (FIDE Rapid)
27.          UNIKL-MFI (FIDE Rapid)
28.          Kuala Krai Age Group    
29.          Seremban Prima Open  
30.          Sabah Age Group            
31.          Piala Emran Maidin 2016